Our mission

Plus East is a cultural association aiming the promotion of Eastern European culture and traditions, hosting regular events such as film screenings, exhibitions, debates and other. Plus East focus on the promotion of East European countires in Portugal through formal and informal education, civic participation, youth exchanges and research. Starting from April 2018, the organisation inaugurated OKNA - Espaço Cultural, an initiative addressing the need of bringing people closer, promoting artistic content and encouraging the community in getting involved during the process. Our aim is to create and present collaborative works between Portugal and EE countries, to be a platform and a working space for those that, like us, find beauty in diversity in our differences and similarities, focusing on what’s new and contemporary.




Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27 | 4050-306 Porto, Portugal
E-mail: info@pluseast.com Phone: +351 916 939 521