On Saturday, June 16th, starting from 7:00 pm poetry lovers gather in OKNA – Espaço Cultural to take part in an Immersive Experience, guided by the poems on the walls – the work of Romanian Mona Shirin, in Portugal. All poems are in written English.

The voters in the dark experience unravels in two layers of meaning. The first layer relates to the latest political context of voters electing leaders with almost no knowledge about their capabilities or actual offerings. Media ownership makes the shaping of their image in their benefit unusually easy and not at all beneficial to the voter, who ends up feeling as if he has to “dance” around fake news and become some sort of a detective simply to get in touch with the truth.

Taking the metaphor one step further, stepping into the closed “cabin” becomes an insightful and very subjective experience. The participant is put in front of the poetry and encouraged towards analyzing its self-image as a sculpture yet unfinished and advised to get rid of the foreign material mixed in the design by public opinion. The participant is advised to notice its sharp edges made of excess foreign clay and to work towards polishing them. As individuals living as part of a society, we are put under the pressure of constant outside rating and judging – making the sculpture of our very own existence the product of many artists.

The last step is for each participant is to become a creator on their own, using the pieces of newspaper as a canvas for their own expression. Through black-covering the extra words, everyone is encouraged to search for their own poetry in the text and then put it in the ballot box.

This event stands proof that poetry is part of life.  

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